Customer training

The FAT is an ideal forum in which managers, operators, plant engineers, and maintenance personnel can touch and feel the equipment in an operational mode before it ships. By making it an inclusive “team” oriented trip, the customer is able to interface with the same individuals who show up at the plant during start-up. Besides witnessing the equipment trials, several secondary benefits result.

FAT training formats could include:
Initial informal hands-on training presented to the Buyer’s production team by the Manufacturer’s technicians during the FAT is part of a valuable team building effort, and an opportunity to attain confidence by seeing the equipment perform at the fabrication facility. Actual hands on training with developed software allow real-world machine operation. Time allotted for design reviews on installation and start-up give both parties valuable input that makes for a fast track start-up. The FAT also becomes an ideal forum to review the bill of materials and discuss spare parts required for startup and first year of operation. A complete documentation review gives the plant crew confidence in maintenance


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